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Mohammadreza Taqizadeh and Raasti Web
محمدرضا تقی زاده

Hello! I'm Mohammadreza Taghizadeh.

We create innovative and advanced digital solutions for customers worldwide.

I am Mohammadreza Taghizadeh, an Information Technology (IT) engineer specializing in web programming.

I started my professional activity in the web field in 1389 (Solar Hijri calendar, equivalent to 2010) and have continued to this day. Website design, SEO, and digital marketing are the main services I provide.

After years of coding in various languages, especially PHP with WordPress, I became familiar and fell in love with it. That’s why I currently work on projects and provide professional and advanced level training with WordPress.

I have good experience in launching and managing online stores and sales.

Throughout these years, I have designed and implemented many websites, some of which are still active, while others have become inactive due to improper management and timely renewal of hosting and domain.

I have always made every effort to satisfy my employers, and fortunately, this has mostly been the case.

I would be very happy to be able to help businesses grow.

Previously, this website operated under the name MRTweb and through a recent rebranding, it has been renamed to Rastiweb (rastiweb.com).

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